How to Add a Printer to a Windows 8 Computer

Windows 8 is a known operating system for the users.  There are many users who love to work on this operating system due to its effective features. At the moment when one needs to have some print outs from this system, one needs to add a printer first to the system.If one wonders about how to add a printer to a windows 8 computer, it is an easy task, and one can follow some basic steps to set the printer.

1.Get the option: First of all, one needs to check the option of the printer and other devices. One can go to the control panel and find the option to check if there is any printer already attached to it or not. As a shortcut, one can check with windows+w to see the available options. One can also check the same with the power menu which is provided on the desktop. One can access the control panel from there easily and check the option of the printers.

2.Once the printer option is availed, one can find the wireless printer. With the option, wireless printer, one just needs to make double click which will lead to the properties tab. In the properties, one can get the option of printer management and click on the option of the printer properties.

3.Once the printer properties option is opened, one needs to go to the General tab and find the print test page option. Click the option to have a test page printed. It will help the system to send the document to the printer. In a moment the printer will move and offer the printout which shows that the printer is connected rightly.

4.Once the printout is there, one can set the page layout and other options to have the right settings.

To set a new printer one needs to run the CD of the printer drivers on the system first. This will help the user to get the drivers installed on the computer. Now, one can add the printer and restart the system. Once the system and printer are started, one can try to have a printout. If the print comes properly, it shows that the printer is set rightly. In case the printer does not start, or printout is not there, one needs to go for the uninstallation of the driver. Once, the printer drivers are uninstalled, run the driver CD again to reload the drivers.

The CD of the printer drivers is always given by the manufacturer, and one can use it for installation of the drivers. In case one does not have that CD one can just go to the website of the manufacturer and download the printer drivers from there. Once the drivers are installed, one can offer the print. Still, if there is a problem one can reboot the printer and the system. After rebooting, try to offer the print to the printer and it must get printed rightly. If there is still aproblem, one needs to call the expert and ask for help.