How to do employee information review in

Any company’s performance is based on teamwork, a team that consists of all that are involved. Be it employers or employees. Every employee needs to review himself to see how good his performance is and how must be overcome his weaknesses to become a better employee. Click here on helps to do just this, i.e. collect employee information review.

Employee scheduling

The online calendar that is available here helps to plan out a proper schedule for the company’s employees thus making sure that no one is overworked and no one is left with no task assignment. All you need to do is click here to get all the benefits. Keep yourself free from stress with Time Clock Genie.


Online time clock

The online time clock software can be used by the managers to put reminders for specific or urgent tasks for the employees to be reminded of their deadline. He can also use it to clock in/out the employees according to who is needed when. He would immediately b notified if a person is scheduled somewhere but isn’t present there on time, thus telling about his punctuality.

Payroll processing

The employer can use this feature to generate payrolls in advance according to various parameters like the number of hours put in, leaves taken, overtime given to an assignment, etc. the online time clock feature is connected to this and thus gives the numbers needed to generate more numbers.

Clock shield

It becomes easy for the employer to know which employee was on time, late or before time according to the time he clocks in and out. The clock shield feature provides immediate updations via e-mail for this for each employer.

Mobile connect

This software is also available on the mobile in the form of an App. This makes it much more convenient and easy-to-use for the employer as he only needs his mobile phone to continue collecting information of his employees.

Control panel

Another useful part of this software is its user-friendly control panel which can act as a memo for reminding of events, meetings, birthdays and can also show notifications regarding the work timings and task assignments of the employees.

Using these features of the time clock genie, employee information review becomes very simple. All the employer needs are to use these features and analyzing the work performance of his employees hardly remains a task to put up on the memo. Hence it optimizes the employees and in turn optimizing the team.